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Mrs Victoria Gray

Specialist ADHD Pharmacist

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Mrs Victoria Gray

Specialist ADHD Pharmacist

Registered with the General Pharmaceutical Council

Registration number 2085944

Pharmacist Prescriber

Mrs Victoria Gray

Victoria graduated in Pharmacy with First Class Honours in 2013. She won an award for her academic achievements in mental health in her final year of training.

Victoria has 10 years of experience across hospital, community and in primary care.

Victoria’s background is predominantly within private hospitals where she has held management positions working with world class specialists. She has acted as the expert in medicines, providing her advice and clinical knowledge to develop treatment pathways for patients that are both individually designed and based on the most up to date worldwide evidence.

Victoria focusses her practice primarily on treating adults with ADHD, which she is most passionate about. Providing evidence based, safe and effective treatments to patients. As a pharmacist, she fully understands how medicines work in the body and how other medications can interact and affect outcomes. Many patients with ADHD also have other conditions so this is especially important.

Victoria is registered with the General Pharmaceutical Council as an Independent Prescriber. Her registration number 2085944.

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Victoria constantly keeps up to date with the latest evidence in new drugs and treatments for ADHD. This is whilst being an expert in the current UK guidelines from NICE. ADHD drugs need expert management which Victoria is able to provide. She has trained with UKAAN (UK Adult ADHD Network) which focuses on evidence- based treatment.

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Victoria also has experience in primary care, assessing patients and reviewing medications for ADHD. Victoria’s passion is treating ADHD in Adults and getting the best outcome for every patient.

Victoria is qualified to prescribe all types of ADHD medication and can expertly titrate doses. She treats all patients as individuals with a caring nature, involving the patient in their individualised treatment plan. She cares about how ADHD affects so many aspects of life and seeks to improve everyday problems associated with the condition.

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