Berkeley Psychiatrists


Our complaints process.


All complaints will be dealt with by the appropriate department as soon as they confirm the receipt of the written or verbal complaint by the admin team or the complainant themselves.
Written consent needs to be given by the patient to their nominated individual in the event of the complainant not being one of our patients.
Should local resolution be achieved satisfactorily then there may not be any need for a formal complaint.

You should register your formal complaint or any other complaints by emailing

On receipt of a formal complaint the Registered Manager (Dr Hugo de Waal) will:
Acknowledge a written complaint within three working days of receipt, enclose complaints leaflet, or give a brief indication of the process and the anticipated time for response.
Send a copy of the complaint to the relevant director or service lead asking them to advise on the most appropriate way of resolving the complaint, e.g. by a meeting, telephone call or investigation and formal letter.
Ask the relevant director or service lead for a report on the concerns raised by the complainant.
Upon receipt of the advice from the department, send a letter to the complainant on behalf of the BERKELEY PSYCHIATRISTS with either an offer of a meeting or telephone conversation with relevant staff in the department, or confirmation that a formal investigation is underway (again indicating anticipated time for response).
Record the details of the complaint onto the Berkeley Psychiatrists ’s complaints register.
Advise the Board of Directors of any complaints that may have legal implications.