Dr Stephen Attard

Consultant Psychiatrist

GMC No. 6049044

Dr Stephen Attard

Member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists
Member of the Faculty of Forensic and Legal Medicine of the Royal College of Physicians
General Medical Council (GMC) registered No 6049044
Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr Stephen Attard

Dr Stephen Attard is a senior consultant forensic psychiatrist, employed by Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust. He has experience of working with people who have multiple complex needs and, in his position within the Close Supervision Centre, additionally works with some of the most high risk individuals, in the country.

Dr Attard has extensive experience of setting up clinical services, including services for the assessment and treatment of ADHD. He has presented, both to local services and the Quality Network for Prison Mental Health Services (QNPMHS), on the development of ADHD services.

He has experience in working across a wide range of clinical settings including private outpatients clinic, secure services, including at Broadmoor Hospital, male and female psychiatric intensive care, liaison and diversion and community services. Dr Attard has held leadership roles, contributed to policy change and strategy development, and led improvement projects that have been successful in gaining funding, creating new services, and bridging the inter-agency divides such as those often seen across the health and criminal justice pathway.

He is involved in medical education including having a leading role in training projects locally, most recently with the Met Police, and internationally, including in Denmark and Ghana, where he has worked with the Royal College of Psychiatrists to develop and deliver a forensic training package for psychiatrists in Ghana. He is actively involved in research, was highly commended in the 2021 Faculty of Forensic Psychiatry Research Prize and is a published author in peer reviewed national and international journals.

Dr Attard is also an experienced expert witness who regularly gives oral evidence in both crown and magistrates court and has experience of providing psychiatric reports in various legal proceedings.

Hobbies and Interests


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I had an absolutely great experience with Dr Steven Attard, I felt at ease the whole time and he was great to talk to, and explained everything brilliantly. He didn’t rush me at all, and gave me the space to be myself and access me. Would highly recommend.
Tomi Akande
Dr Attard has been exceptional throughout the assessment and titration process. Coming into the assessment, I had huge imposter syndrome, nobody to provide 3rd party childhood insights and, at the time, an unsupportive partner. Dr Attard was able to gather insight and evidence during the assessment and even set up a second meeting to ensure he had a thorough and complete view before making his diagnosis.
Simon J.
I was nervous before my consultation, but I needn't have worried. Dr Attard put me at ease immediately. His sense of humour made the session feel very relaxed. I felt he listened to me throughout, and his questions although probing were appropriate and clearly designed to get to the heart of my particular issues. At the conclusion of my consultation I felt relieved that finally a medical professional actually understood my condition and feel more positive for the future as a consequence
Rob Jones
Thank you Dr Attard, with your support and guidance I changed careers and got a dream job. During my treatment, we identified prohibitive issues, their root causes and how to alleviate them for greater success.