GMC No. 6101276

Dr Karolina Szumanska-Ryt

Consultant Psychiatrist

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Dr Karolina Szumanska-Ryt

Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist

Member of Royal College of Psychiatrists

GMC Registration No 6101276

Approved Clinician Status and Section 12(2) approved under the Mental Health Act

Dr Karolina Szumanska-Ryt

Dr Karolina Szumanska-Ryt is a Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist who has a wealth of experience in the assessment and treatment of a wide range of mental health problems and emotional difficulties affecting children and young people including depression, anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorders, body dysmorphic disorder, eating disorders, deliberate self-harm, ADHD, ASD and Pervasive Arousal Withdrawal Syndrome (PAWS). Her goal is to help your child reach their full potential and thrive. She understands how various mental health difficulties can crush a child's self-esteem and cause suffering for the child and the family unit and she is here ready to help.

She was drawn to a career in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry because of her love of  working with children, their families and the opportunity it provides for early intervention and the long-term positive impact this can have on the life trajectory of a child and their entire family.

Dr Karolina Szumanska-Ryt completed her core Psychiatric training in Cork and Kerry, Ireland. She then moved to England and gained experience working on an Adolescent PICU before completing her Specialist Training in Manchester. Dr Karolina Szumanska-Ryt started her Consultant career working on a children’s inpatient unit in central Manchester helping children and young people with neurodevelopmental difficulties (ADHD and ASD), eating disorders, depression, anxiety, psychosis, OCD and Pervasive Arousal Withdrawal Syndrome (PAWS).

She takes a holistic and whole family approach with her patients. Dr Karolina Szumanska-Ryt appreciates and understands that often times the journey to seek a Psychiatric assessment has been a long and stressful one. It can feel daunting for both a child and their parents but she strives to create a safe and calm environment that will put you at ease. She adopts a comprehensive and empathetic method when working with children and their families extending support during challenging moments. Collaboratively, you and Dr Szumanska-Ryt will explore the journey that has led you to seek an assessment. You will work together to not only understand the difficulties your child is experiencing but also identify the strengths and protective elements within your family unit.

Together with Dr Karolina Szumanska-Ryt you will pursue evidence-based solutions and treatment choices that not only align with the best practices but also resonate with your  family's needs and preferences. Safe and bespoke care is at the centre of her practice.

In her free time she enjoys spending time outdoors with her family and dogs.

Dr Karolina Szumanska-Ryt has a special interest in supporting children who have Autism Spectrum Disorder and animal assisted therapy. She has been a part of the following research projects:

Cognitive and Electrophysiological Correlates of Working Memory Impairments in Neurofibromatosis Type 1

Gorana Pobric1  · Jason R. Taylor1  · Hemavathy M. Ramalingam2  · Emily Pye1  · Louise Robinson2  · Grace Vassallo3  · JeYoung Jung4  · Misty Bhandary2  · Karolina Szumanska‑Ryt2  · Louise Theodosiou2  · D. Gareth Evans3,5 · Judith Eelloo3  · Emma Burkitt‑Wright3  · Johan Hulleman1  · Jonathan Green1,2 · Shruti Garg1

Randomised controlled trial of simvastatin treatment for autism in young children with neurofibromatosis type 1 (SANTA)

Stavros Stivaros1,2†, Shruti Garg3†, Maria Tziraki4, Ying Cai5, Owen Thomas6, Joseph Mellor7, Andrew A. Morris8, Carly Jim9, Karolina Szumanska-Ryt4, Laura M Parkes 4, Hamied A. Haroon4, Daniela Montaldi4, Nicholas Webb10, John Keane7, Francisco X. Castellanos11, Alcino J. Silva5, Sue Huson12, Stephen Williams2, D. Gareth Evans12, Richard Emsley13, Jonathan Green3*† and SANTA Consortium







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Had our assessment for our Daughter with Dr Szumanska-Ryt, Quick, Professional but approachable and very good with kids. Would thoroughly recommend the service especially with the NHS waiting times, the peace of mind it has given us and the improvement in our daughters outlook was worth every penny!
Scotty Gerrard
As parents, we were absolutely delighted and amazed by the service provided to us. The care and professionalism shown by Dr Szumanska-Ryt was really appreciated. We were able to quickly go from a position of worrying about our son and not being able to get a diagnosis for at least 2 years to being able to get diagnosed and treatment started in less than 2 weeks. It will be a long journey for us but we are confident that with her support we will get him to where he needs to be. I couldn't recommend the service or the Dr more highly. Thank you.
Conor Duffy
Such a great experience. Karolina took a lot of time to be sure of the diagnosis, to make sure we didn't just diagnose adhd when it could have been anxiety. I feel very confident that we have the correct diagnosis, and we could start medication straight away.
Fay Porritt