GMC No. 7999473

Dr Francesca Fatteri

Consultant Psychiatrist ‍

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Dr Francesca Fatteri

Specialist Associate of the Royal College of Psychiatrists

Registered with the General Medical Council (GMC) 7999473

Experienced in Adult ADHD, Sleep Disorders and Addictions

Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr Francesca Fatteri

Dr Francesca Fatteri is a highly revered and experienced Consultant adult psychiatrist with over 10 years of clinical experience. Her main areas of expertise include Adult ADHD, Sleep Disorders and Addiction Psychiatry (addictive stimulant drugs such as cocaine) and smoking cessation.

Several studies have shown a strong connection between undiagnosed ADHD, drug abuse, and alcoholism, both as self-medication and for thrill-seeking.
Considering her experience with Addictions and ADHD, Francesca can provide valuable help to patients.

She currently works at Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust.

In addition, Dr Fatteri is currently expanding her studies in the specific treatment for ADHD in women; the hormonal correlations and the different presentation of symptoms in the female sex.

She endeavours to provide comprehensive, tailored and holistic treatment plans for her patients. Treatment plans by Dr Fatteri include a full medication plan (when appropriate) with a range of psychotherapeutic interventions, including psychological support and intervention based on the Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT) principles.

Dr Fatteri also has years of experience with eating disorders. Considering that ADHD and eating disorders share common genetic risks, thought patterns, and neurological changes, Dr Fatteri could provide extra advice for those people who are experiencing symptoms of both conditions.


Adult ADHD

Sleep Disorders

Addiction Psychiatry (addictive stimulant drugs such as cocaine)

Hobbies & Interests

Francesca enjoys practising ballet, travelling, learning new languages and holds a particular interest in nutrition.

Dr Fatteri was professional, understanding and accepting during my ADHD assessment. She answered my questions and guided me through the process. Can recommend her for your assessment if you are thinking of getting one!
Gabe Gabriel
Very positive experience. Dr Fatteri listened to my experiences, asked good questions, and was patient and understanding with my answers. Highly recommend.
Dr Fatteri was fabulous with me and made me feel extremely safe to open up and express concerns I have. This whole experience has been very quick from booking the appointment to this point. Already going ahead with getting medication sorted even though I only got diagnosed on Monday. Thank you so much
Jennifer R.
Dr. Fatteri was professional and friendly. After my diagnosis, I received my medication within a week. They have been responsive to all my questions via email.
Vince M.
Prior to my consultation, the process from booking an appointment to receiving and completing the paperwork for the appointment couldn't have been easier. Any questions I had were answered promptly and professionally. I was sent reminders for the appointment (which for this type of assessment was essential for me), and the paperwork is easy to understand and fill out online. During my ADHD consultation with Dr Francesca Fatteri I was made to feel instantly comfortable and at ease. During the entire consulation, Dr Fatteri explained various aspects of the diagnosis along with the semi-structured interview (which was completely relaxed, open and not rushed) and allowed me time to discuss the troubles I was having and how they were affecting my life, both currently and in the past. Upon diagnosis of the disorder, Dr Fatteri provided information on the many different aspects of treatment available and how my current needs fit in with that process, and assured me of the next steps and how we were going to proceed with titration etc. Given the general stigma attached to ADHD as a disorder by the general public, I feel that the process from start to finish was equally professional and welcoming, with an emphasis on you as a person rather than you as a "number" or "problem" which unfortunately is the way in which people can sometimes be treated when discussing a potential diagnosis with GPs or friends/relatives. Thank you once again Dr Fatteri and Berkeley Psychiatrists for providing me with an easy to process approach to the diagnosis and also to the steps I'm now taking to changing my life for the better.
Antony O'Sullivan
I picked the online meeting with Dr Francesca Fatteri, from the outset I was made to feel very comfortable and most of all I felt heard and listened to. I would really recommend Dr Francesca Fatteri and Berkeley Psychiatrists. I can't explain the relief after my meeting and the after has been so brilliant. I wouldn't change any part of my experience.
Rich Royce