ADHD in Students



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Starting University is an exciting but challenging time for most people. For those with ADHD however, the increase in academic demands, the need for self directed learning, and domestic independence can become overwhelming.

Those with undiagnosed ADHD often struggle to recognise their difficulties as a disorder, and as a result they can face significant emotional challenges.

Students may not realise that the struggles they face in academic life such as procrastinating during study time or being unable to concentrate during a class or lecture, may actually be a symptom of their undiagnosed ADHD.

University students with ADHD and Autism can apply to gain extra time during exams or the delivery of coursework as part of their extenuating circumstances.
You can contact your psychiatrist during your medication titration and receive help tailored to your study patterns.
Children or adolescents who are at school can gain extra time during exams as part of their extenuating circumstances.

Berkeley Psychiatrists has provided care to thousands of patients over the years, a significant portion of which have been students and people in academia.

Our doctors are experienced in recognising the difficulties students face due to undiagnosed neurodevelopmental conditions (ADHD and Autism) and are able to offer treatment plans tailored to students’ needs

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